July 14, 2024

Help Colel Chabad stamp out hunger among Israel's poorest and most vulnerable...

Help Colel Chabad stamp out hunger among Israel's poorest and most vulnerable...

Colel Chabad — Tzedakah Central® since 1788

Colel Chabad provides life preserving assistance to the neediest people in Israel regardless of gender, age, marital status, ethnicity or religious observance.

We combat hunger daily in partnership with the Israeli Government. We also offer a comprehensive range of material and social services for widowed and indigent families, Holocaust survivors, immigrants, and the chronically ill. This has been our mission since 1788.

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Did you know?

Colel Chabad is one of the most efficient charities in the world. The percentage of every dollar donated that actually goes to help the poor and sick is very high. Why? Because we keep administrative costs to a minimum, avoid high rents, and have an army of volunteers helping us.



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Colel Chabad pushka

Colel Chabad is symbolized by the humble tzedakah box, first introduced more than 200 years ago to serve as a reminder in every household and place of business that there are others in need of help.

We encourage you to embrace all that Colel Chabad represents by gracing your home with your very own Colel Chabad Pushka. And, its free for the asking.

Now available in classic canister, or as the newest Smartphone app for tzedakah on the go.


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